Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Debates on Religion

Here is a list of some debates on religion. Most of them about the existence of God.

Common Sense Atheism has the most complete list of debates on the web: here.

There is a blog devoted to reviewing such debates: Agnostic Popular Front.

Aigbusted vs. Justin Martyr
Is Faith Rational Without Evidence? (text)

Alan Keyes vs. Alan Dershowiz
Religion a Solution to the Worlds Problems? (text)

American Atheists vs. J.P. Holding
Was Jesus an Historical Figure? (text)

American Atheists vs. Rabbi Jeret
Is There a God? (text)

Arnold Gumiski vs. Jim Cook
Moral Argument for God’s Existence (text)

Australian Skeptics vs. Answers in Genesis
Evolution or Creationism? (text)

Bart Ehrman vs. N. T. Wright
Is Our Pain God’s Problem? (text)

Bart Ehrman vs. James White
Can the NT be Inspired in Light of Textual Variation? (text)

Bart Ehrman vs. William Lane Craig
Resurrection of Jesus? (text)

Bertrand Russell vs. Copleston
The Existence of God (text)

Bill Cooke vs. Imran Aijaz
Existence of God (text)

ChyberShy vs. Boshko
Existence of the Biblical God (text)

Chris Stassen vs. Bob Bales
Age of the Earth (text)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson
Is Christianity Good for the World? (text)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Kenneth Miller
Does Science Make Belief in God Obsolete? (text)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Alistair McGrath
Religious Belief in the Modern World (text)

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