Monday, May 24, 2010

Evidential Arguments for Atheism

Arguments that attempt to show that certain known facts support the hypothesis of atheism. Such arguments, typically, start with a known fact and then attempt to show that the fact in question supports the hypothesis of atheism over the hypothesis of theism because we have more reason to expect the fact to obtain if God does exist than if he does not exist. If such arguments succeed, they provide some evidence for atheism and against theism. By combining such facts one can construct a cumulative case for atheism.

- Cosmological Arguments

- Evolutionary Arguments

- The Problem of Evil

- Argument from the Success of Science

- Argument from Physical Minds

- Argument from Divine Hiddenness

- The Psychogenesis of Religion

- Inference to the Best Explanation

- Argument from a Good Atheistic Life

- Argument from Naturalism

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