Monday, May 24, 2010

Logical Arguments for Atheism

Logical Arguments attempt to show either that the concept of God is self-contradictory, or logically inconsistent with some known fact.

Inconsistence Arguments

- Perfection vs. Creation
If God is perfect, then he cannot be the creator of the universe.

- Transcendence and Creation
If God's eternity is timless, then he cannot be the creator of the universe.

- Eternity and the Universe
If God is temporal, he must have come into existence about 15 million years ago.

Self-Contradictory Arguments
Aim to show that the concept of God is self-contradictory, either because (1) one of God’s properties is logically impossible; or because there is (2) an incompatibility between two of God’s properties.

- The Impossibility Argument
No being can know everything.

- Foreknowledge vs. Free Actions
If God is omniscient, then do humans have free will?

- The Impossibility Argument
An omnibenevolent God cannot be omnipotent.

- The Paradox of the Stone
Can God create a stone that he cannot lift?

- Omnipotence vs. Necessary Existence
Can God Commit Suicide?

- All-Just vs. All-Merciful
God cannot be both all-just and all-merciful.

Incompatible Properties:
- Transcendent vs. Omnipresent
- Personal vs. Transcendent
- Non-Physical vs. Personal
- Omniscient vs. Transcendent
- Omnipresent vs. Omniscient
- Simplicity vs. Omnipresent

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