Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holocaust-denial: Convergence of Evidence

We know about the past through a convergence of evidence:

…there is an assumption by deniers that if they can just fine one tiny crack in the Holocaust structure, the entire edifice will come tumbling down. This is a fundamental flaw in their reasoning. The Holocaust is not a single event that a single fact can prove or disprove. The Holocaust was a myriad of events in a myriad of places and relies on myriad pieces of data that converge on one conclusion. Minor errors or inconsistencies here or there cannot disprove the Holocaust for the simple reason that these lone bits of data never proved it in the first place (Shermer & Grobman, 2009, p. 33)

There are several lines of evidence that proves the Holocaust (Shermer & Grobman, 2009, p. 33):

1. Documents –letters, blueprints, orders, bills, speeches, articles, memoirs, confessions.

2. Testimony – accounts from survivors, Nazis, local townspeople.

3. The Camps – concentration camps, work camps, and extermination camps

4. Inferential Evidence – population demographic

5. Photographs – official military and press photographs, civilian photographs, photographs taken by survivors, aerial photographs, German and Allied film footage

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