Thursday, November 11, 2010


Compassion is love of humanity, and one of the greatest of all virtues.

Compassion is more powerful and more extensive than empathy and kindness. Compassion is the capacity to feel both empathy and sympathy, coupled with the realization that all human beings wish and desire to be free from suffering and shielded from harm.

Compassion is an active desire that others be free from suffering, to alleviate their suffering and to shield them from harm. Compassion moves a person to destroy the causes of harm and suffering. A compassionate person shelters and embraces the distressed and the victim.

Compassion is often, but not necessarily, the key component of altruism. The Golden Rule embodies the principle of compassion. True compassion extends to all human beings; it knows no limit.

There are two main reasons to be compassionate: First, to protect fellow human beings from or help them to escape suffering and harm; and second, if you want to experience genuine happiness then you should value compassion and act compassionately.

Without compassion our world would be a dark place without much meaning. Therefore, compassion should be praised and rewarded whenever and wherever we see it manifest itself.

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