Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Nature of Love

Love is the Greatest of all Human Emotions.
Love is a Recognition and Deep Regard for the Value of another Person.
Love is not just a strong Feeling; it requires Understanding.
Love must be both a Flame and a Light.
Love must be given Freely by an Unafraid human being.

Consummate love is the experience of great joy in the presence of a loved one, great joy in being close to a loved one, and great joy in our interaction with a loved one. A romantic relationship is a sanctuary, a source of renewed energy and security.

Perfection is an ideal. No person is perfect. We waste our time if we are looking for the perfect partner and relationship. We Grow into Love by Trying to Understand an Imperfect Person Perfectly.

Consummate love is like a campfire that gives steady warmth, with delightful bursts of intense heat from time to time, and it is long lasting because it is carefully tended to. True love is marked by respect and admiration, passion and kindness. Those who love you will remind you of your beauty when you feel ugly and your purpose when you are confused.

Love is not a like campfire that sparks quickly and the kindle throws out a lot of heat – that is just strong attraction – and it burns out quickly. A romantic relationship that can last must be based on trust and loyalty – and you do not get that “at first sight.”

Reason is the Guardian of Love. Without reason, you risk loving someone based on false beliefs or bad reasons. You might get lucky and end up with “the one,” but you risk waste time in an unsatisfying relationship, or worse.

We must learn how to sustain a loving relationship. Love does not automatically teach a person communication skills or how to resolve a conflict. The mere fact that two people love each other does not guarantee they will be able to sustain a romantic partnership.

Love without friendship is like a castle built upon quicksand. When the initial crush fades, it is liking, kindness and passion that will sustain the relationship. A best friend knows the song in your heart, and can sing the lyrics to you when you have forgotten the words.

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